Bauhaus Brave Briliant Background Bacon Banish Bank Balance

Orthodox Overwhelm Objective Obligate Obscure Opinion

Press Practical Port Paint Penetrate Provoke Pioneer Provoke

Canvas Cast Casual Copy Consolidate Calm Criticism Conspiracy


BOPC is a group of people who want to go home.

Do when it is fun

Do it by behind, never go foward  

Believe and enjoy freedom of failure

Do not settle as what we are now

Dream without goals

The creation group 'Behindofficeprintinclub' started in 2020 is playground for the people who got sick of work.

Behindofficeprintinclub's creative activities are proceeded by printing.

The medium of printing will be expanded by collaboration of various artist with diverse subject.

Behindofficeprintinclub defines itself only via the work we produce. 

Through the practice of Behindofficeprintinclub, people who have different interest, such as architecture, fashion, food, graphic illustration, picture, movie, etc, can break the limit of their methods and progresses their ideas in unexpected way by collaboration.